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Swisslog makes strategic acquisition in robots and AGVs

23 April 2015

The automation solutions provider has acquired a carefully selected portfolio of technologies and employees from Grenzebach Automation in Germany.

This move aims at strengthening its expertise in the areas of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and logistics robots. This acquisition dovetails with Swisslog’s strategy of expanding it’s positioning in the e-commerce and omni-channel segments and pursuing opportunities in the field of production logistics. 


The acquisition follows the recent purchase of Forte Industries by Swisslog. 

Following an existing partnership between the two companies, Swisslog acquired intellectual property from Grenzebach Automation on 16 April 2015. This includes software technology in the areas of: AGVs - including the jointly developed mobile storage and picking system CarryPick, automated case picking, automated item picking, palletising and de-palletising.

A select team of Grenzebach employees will transfer to Swisslog and form a new Swisslog location in Karlsruhe, Germany, headed by Dr. Volker Jungbluth. 

Swisslog is looking forward to utilising the experience and exceptional knowledge their new colleagues have in research and development, as well as in application development, solution design and technical sales. The expanded cooperation between Swisslog and Grenzebach as partners means that customers will continue to receive optimal support from a highly qualified team. 

Swisslog is already playing a key role in shaping the future of intralogistics. Best-in-class technologies combined with expert knowledge will continue to translate into progressive solution concepts for our customers. In the near future, humans and robots will interact and collaborate seamlessly in Intralogistics optimising processes. In light of these developments, Swisslog’s acquisition of AGV and logistics robot technologies is another logical step toward becoming an automation powerhouse.