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Safer Site seeks to drive down accidents and near misses

24 April 2015

The Fork Lift Truck Association is pushing the free safety programme in a bid to save lives.

The aim of the programme is threefold:

  1. to actively drive down the number and frequency of fork lift truck accidents – and near misses – in the UK.
  2. to share successful safety initiatives between companies who operate fork lift trucks and to improve the general level of safety precautions on UK fork lift truck sites.
  3. to encourage open, blame-free incidence reporting so that everyone feels able to highlight dangerous practices freely and without recriminations.

"We urge every person reading this, and every company whose work involves fork lift trucks, to participate in the Safer Site Programme,” says FLTA Chief Executive Peter Harvey. "For some it will be the first step on the road to a safer site. To others, it will add to their knowledge and provide valuable new ideas and resources. I promise that everyone who gets involved will achieve real and lasting benefits.”

The Safer Site Programme is a free, online, step-by-step safety programme that anyone can implement.

At regular intervals the FLTA will publish on its website a new step in the programme. Each step will contain advice, guidance, resources and a series of practical tasks that must be completed to move through the process.


The Handling & Storage Solutions Safer Logistics Campaign

Handling & Storage Solutions continues the Safer Logistics campaign to promote health and safety awareness in logistics in 2015.

We were inspired to launch the campaign by the Health and Safety Executive encouraging all stakeholders to show leadership and ‘be part of the solution’.

It is vital to push home the message that poor health & safety practices have no place in the modern logistics world.

What you can do

Clear safety first principles are worth repeating.

- If you doubt the safety of a working practice, stop. Talk to your supervisor or manager and agree a safe way of proceeding. Don’t carry on and hope for the best.

- No matter who you are in the management structure or workforce, take responsibility for your safety, don’t assume someone else has taken care of it.

Safety in Partnership

We are running a series of features in our magazine and across our digital platforms focusing on a number of key safety areas in association with valued industry partners.

May: Loading Bay Safety

June: Transport Safety
July / August: Forklift Safety
September: Safety in Flooring
October: Safety in Automation
November / December: Safety in Maintenance

Contact Angela Lyus on 07818 574304 / alyus@western-bp.co.uk for more details.