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Manbat acquires Powercell

01 May 2015

With its recent acquisition of PowerCell, Manbat Industrial Power Systems added the final piece in its current expansion programme.

In doing so, it has created the largest and most comprehensive industrial battery sales and service network in the UK. According to Derek Anderson, Operations Director (Industrial Division): "That means more depots, more engineers, more local coverage throughout the UK. For the end-user, that translates directly into better support: exactly where and when it’s needed.”

So what is the secret behind Manbat’s success which, in the UK alone, has seen turnover increase by 66% over the past 5 years? According to Anderson, it’s all about customer focus: "Whether we are working in partnership with a truck manufacturer, a dealership or directly with the end user, our mission is to specify the best combination of battery and charger to deliver a solution that reduces energy costs, optimises shift length and maximises the operating life of the battery. It’s rare that this can be achieved pairing a battery and charger with the same brand name. One of our key advantages, therefore, is our independence and ability to provide the perfect solution for each application."

Perhaps Manbat’s greatest gift to a customer lies in its abilities to coax the longest possible life from a battery, helping rescue batteries that would otherwise be prematurely consigned to the scrapheap. "It’s been estimated that around 28% of fork truck batteries are scrapped before their working life is over,” says Anderson, "and that is very expensive to the truck user.” A survey can identify which batteries within a fleet are still performing satisfactorily and which could be given a new lease of life through the replacement of a faulty cell.

If that weren’t enough, Manbat can deploy patented technology to regenerate old batteries, removing sulphate crystals and giving the battery a second life for a fraction of the cost of a replacement.

The results speak for themselves. "It’s not unusual, in applications where we have provided the maintenance package, for batteries to still be performing after 12 years – even on 24-hour sites.”

Turns out that where battery specification and servicing are concerned, more really is more…