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In the toughest environments

28 May 2015

Stewart Gosling of RDD, UK importers for Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, explains how customer insights into heavy-duty operations influenced designers of TREXiA, the manufacturer’s latest range of 7.0 to 16.0 tonne forklifts.

Heavy duty handling separates the wheat from the chaff. When you’re operating in the toughest working environments, with the biggest loads and always against the clock, big trucks are put to the test – day in, day out. 

When you’ve built as many big trucks as Mitsubishi, you learn a thing or two about what the customer needs, what they want and above all else, what works. Dependably. 

So, in developing TREXiA, its latest range of 7.0 to 16.0 tonne diesel trucks, Mitsubishi designers built on the core strengths of performance and reliability of its predecessors and, led with technical innovation and customer experience placed us in a commanding position for the future.

Mitsubishi is renowned for class-leading powertrains that deliver power on demand – with plenty in reserve. So when it comes to delivering high productivity the precise hydraulic control and low maintenance needed for challenging applications, TREXiA excels.

Its high-efficiency Perkins engine packs a real punch. The 10.0 to 16.0 tonne TREXiA EX delivers a whopping 129 kW from its intelligent 4.4 litre engine – while the 7.0 tonne TREXiA ES features an economical 3.4 litre engine. 

Thanks to its super-efficient air-to-air, charge-cooled engine and sophisticated fuel injection, TREXiA offers high power density and characteristic responsiveness, while driving down fuel consumption to unprecedented levels. 

Its Power Take Off feature ensures transmission of full power to the hydraulic pump and parking brake circuit – without allowing diminishing power to the drive gear. This comes into its own with front-end attachments. The TREXiA ES, for example, offers a 191 bar of operating pressure available, while the higher capacity EX has a huge 206. 

The stage IIIB models have been designed for clean running – exceeding the latest and most stringent emissions requirements – and easy maintenance. 

This is made possible on TREXiA EX, thanks to its advanced exhaust after treatment, a diesel particulate filter that is automatically cleansed during normal operation for example, – without the need for time consuming burn-off periods or chemical additives. 

Routine checks and fluid top-ups are straightforward, thanks to TREXiA’s RapidAccess design. The seat assembly tilts back effortlessly – putting the engine compartment in easy reach. 

Meanwhile, its intelligent engine management heads off trouble by recognising abuse. Further still, its maintenance intervals are longer and oil changes fewer than ever before – keeping planned downtime to a minimum.

Mitsubishi designers understand that comfortable drivers are safe, productive drivers. So TREXiA provides them with spacious, easy-to-enter cabins – where every control falls perfectly to hand and every display is clear. 

And it gives them a great view too. TREXiA’s distinctive body curves are ingeniously designed to offer exceptional forward and reverse visibility. 

Because noise is a major contributor to driver fatigue, every effort has been taken to keep things quiet and dampen vibration. Inside, for example, TREXiA’s whole powertrain is fully floating and features a stabiliser system to further reduce vibration. Its hydraulic control valve – a common source of vibration – has been mechanically isolated from the cab and the driver.

Agility was another concern for designers. TREXiA drivers will really appreciate the turn of speed just when they need it… allied to the smooth driving response that is always predictable. Combine this with its unrivalled vision and you’ll quickly understand why TREXiA is one of the market’s most productive workhorses. 

When it comes to operating in tight spots, TREXiA really comes into its own. The 7.0 tonne ES boasts an extremely compact wheelbase – just 2300mm, while the more powerful EX, has three short wheelbase models (2800mm).

TREXiA can be configured as you like it, thanks to a comprehensive range of options including air-conditioning, fingertip controls or classic ergonomic levers, a vast array of application-specific front-end attachments along with a range of cabins and seats.