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High throughput achieved by picking robot

28 May 2015

The first installation of KNAPP’s Pick-it-Easy Robot solution is operating successfully at the site of dental supplies wholesaler, Basiq Dental, in The Netherlands.

Delivered last year, the robotic picking system has proved to be highly efficient, accurate and reliable in operation. Pick-it-Easy Robot uses KNAPP’s KiSoft Vision technology to identify the optimum article to pick from a tote and calculate the ideal grip point for the robot. Available with a choice of grippers to suit the goods being picked, Pick-it-Easy Robot is able to maintain a consistently high throughput rate and accuracy level over long periods.

In addition to the robotic picking system, the solution for Basiq Dental’s 42,000 sq ft distribution centre in Oisterwijk also features KNAPP’s proven OSR Shuttle technology. The OSR Shuttle system comprises four aisles and, through the use of subdivided containers, offers around 12,800 storage locations, thus meeting the client’s requirement to make the best possible use of the available space.


The OSR Shuttle store serves an ergonomic picking station specifically designed to meet the needs of the health sector. Fulfilment in the warehouse is carried out either at one of three manual work areas equipped with RF picking, at the Pick-it-Easy Health workstation served by the OSR Shuttle or by the Pick-it-Easy Robot. Dispatch cartons, available in two sizes, are channelled through the warehouse on the shortest path, depending on the order content. Once the order is processed, the cartons are closed and sealed semi-automatically before being loaded directly into the transport vehicles via two dispatch ramps.

Growth is a clear objective for Basiq Dental and the ability to handle increasing volumes was a key factor in the company’s decision to invest in a flexible and scalable solution. Bart van Eijndhoven, owner of Basiq Dental, explained, "The collaboration with KNAPP far exceeded our expectations and the automation solution offers us a host of advantages both in day-to-day business and in the long term.


The workload is better distributed and this has helped to significantly reduce the time pressure. We were able to decrease staff working hours while at the same time improving quality. All in all,” concluded Mr van Eijndhoven, "the new automation solution has increased our efficiency and strengthened our professional image.” Basiq Dental is currently planning further automation of the Oisterwijk DC in collaboration with KNAPP.

Craig Rollason, managing director of KNAPP UK said: "The success of the robotic picking solution supplied to Basiq Dental is great news and opens up significant opportunities for further automation of fulfilment tasks in a number of key industries, particularly retail and e-commerce.”