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Easily adding storage value

28 May 2015

Aganto director Andy Butters tells HSS editor Simon Duddy how well designed temporary buildings can add very significant value to your business.

The temporary building can be simple and quickly assembled if you want it to be, but it can also be a sophisticated solution. Aganto builds temporary building on a bespoke basis and can tackle a wide range of issues depending on the application.

Aganto director Andy Butters says: "It is a supply and demand issue. We take the basics of our structure, which is its frame, and we dress it to the customer’s requirements.”


Aganto takes a positive approach to planning, which must be sought on a building to building basis and is provided by the local area planning officer.

"This is a very straightforward procedure,” says Andy. "We work very closely with a partner organisation, which specialises in achieving planning applications for companies up and down the UK. We offer this as a non-profit making service for our customers. We also provide architect drawings to satisfy a planning officer.”

Site survey

It is important to review the site, as local conditions will be crucial in determining which solution will work best. This can take in factors such as drainage and proximity to other buildings.

"A site survey will give us a clear picture of what we will supply, and we will tell you what else you should consider,” says Andy.

"For example, if the site is sloping down to the structure, this could encourage rainwater to collect in the structure, therefore you may need some basic groundworks to take care of drainage. We take on a consultative role, advise you, and get that solution keyed in.”

Unconventional shapes

It is possible to order temporary structures to fit odd shapes. Aganto can cater for a variety of shapes and sizes as the structures lend themselves to flexibility. They can be linked at the gable ends, or linked to the eave of a structure. In addition, different widths, lengths, L shapes, and U shapes can be achieved.

"You may want to put racking into part of a structure and rack high, and join it to another lower structure for ease of access. We can do that,” explains Andy.

"And the structures are relocatable. If you change your workflow, you can move the building to suit these changes if that will benefit you.”


There are several flooring systems Aganto can install, depending on need. If you are using heavy plant, for example, and the existing floor isn’t appropriate, Aganto can supply a floor with adequate point loading to handle the traffic.

Equally, if you have people working on production lines, Aganto can put a much lighter flooring system on to a concrete surface, for anti-stress.


The insulation properties of a temporary structure are significant. Aganto can adapt its wall systems to increase insulation properties for applications such as cold storage.

Andy says: "We can bring temperatures down into the minuses or the low pluses, if needed, and conversely can help to create a hot environment if people are looking for a curing solution.”


Blue chip customers have strict environmental policies and Aganto works with them to provide solutions that meet expectations.

"We can put energy efficient lighting and heating in as required, we will propose the appropriate solution for the application. Radiant heating is a good example of an energy efficient heating system.”

Dismantling the structure

Similar to the installation of the structure, taking it down is straightforward. Andy says: "The beauty of our business is that we use aluminum frame, which is reusable or recyclable as required, as are all of the other components of the structure.

"When we leave, there is very little evidence of us having been there, because we haven’t required a foundation.”

Aganto also has clients who install a temporary structure on an annual basis where there is a designated part of the site where Aganto put the building when it is needed.

"We can sink our fixings, using very simple groundworks, for example, at a retail site with a car park. When the building is taken away, you can put manhole covers over the fixings and use the area as a car park. When the building needs to be erected again, the fixings are there to make it quick and easy.”

All of these ‘extra’ services are built on a solid product offering. The structural integrity of its temporary buildings is paramount to Aganto, with regards to factors such as wind and snow loadings. But as well as the product, value add services are key.

Andy concludes: "The more customers we work with, the more we develop our temporary building concept. When we create something bespoke for a customer, it often leads us to a feature we can then roll out as part of our general offering.”