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Social delivery business Nimber.com launches in UK

04 June 2015

Norwegian social delivery service Nimber has launched in the UK, becoming the first delivery business to enter the UK’s sharing economy and the country’s only online peer to peer delivery service.

The business, which has been operating for two years, has already had success in its country of origin, Norway, where it has enlisted 30,000 members and delivered thousands of items through its community of bringers and senders – individuals motivated by helping others out. 

Some of the most popular items delivered in Norway include beds, sofas and bicycles, with more eclectic items ranging from treadmills to toilets.

The company aims to disrupt the UK delivery sector, tapping into the country’s sharing economy to offer a reliable, viable and typically cheaper alternative to those currently monopolising the marketplace. Nimber’s personalised approach means that users don’t even need to worry about packaging their items to take advantage of the service.

Nimber launches the UK’s first peer to peer delivery service with a social element.

Nimber is the latest addition the UK’s sharing economy alongside the likes of Airbnb and Uber.

Company already has 30,000 members in Norway, with over 25,000 requests for delivery.

Nimber utilises a community of ‘senders’ and ‘bringers’, with its algorithm enabling the delivery of any item – no matter how big and bulky – by capitalising on existing transport resources. The result is a swift, reliable and personalised service that not only allows its members greater control of the delivery process, but provides a convenient, more sustainable, money-saving –  or for ‘bringers’, money-making – solution.

To use the service, ‘senders’ enlist another member, going their way, anyway, to deliver the desired item as part of a commute or regular journey. This system enables Nimber to make use of existing car and van capacity (and potentially other vehicles as well, including lorries, trains and even London’s Tube system).

The sender pays a small fee – which they set with the support of Nimber’s pricing algorithms, which help suggest a fair price depending on size, distance and speed - directly to the bringer. This makes the cost of using the service unique to each delivery and often cheaper when compared to other options, such as the Royal Mail or courier services.