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Calling safe forklift users

09 June 2015

One of the most important Archies awarded at the FLTA Awards for Excellence is the Safe Site Award.

It’s aimed at all companies that use fork lifts, so if you‘ve implemented significant changes to make FLT operations safer on your site, please enter.


The Safe Site Award recognises and rewards the achievements of companies who have implemented safety measures that have genuinely lowered the risk of damage or injury caused by fork lift trucks on their premises. Importantly, by sharing those measures, countless other companies may well follow suit – to the benefit of everyone who works on or around a lift truck.

Almost all of this year’s Safe Site finalists faced very similar issues: working with a real-world budget within existing and often dated infrastructure while seeking to change attitudes and create a culture where poor practice is simply unacceptable to the company as a whole.

One problem common to most was that of segregating FLTs and pedestrians, a difficulty that this year’s winners - G’s Fresh Beetroot – overcame with a series of new safety measures, including the installation of a traffic light system with 2 way operation, whereby both pedestrians and drivers can turn the system to red.

Some of this year’s finalists, including Preston Technical, Tulip and Metsä Wood UK installed mirrors at blind corners, marked safe walkways and imposed speed limits among a number of highly effective yet relatively low cost improvements. At the other end of the spectrum, Nestlé UK, modified its existing building without reducing precious floor space by fitting a skywalk to remove foot traffic from its busy warehouse. 

If your company has introduced new and ingenious measures to solve similar safety problems, the Fork Lift Truck Association would like to hear from you…

Entering your premises for the Safe Site Award is straightforward, free of charge and, if you are successful, will guarantee a huge amount of positive publicity while acting as a massive morale-booster for your staff.

For more information on how to nominate or to enter the Safe Site Award, please visit www.fork-truck.org.uk. It takes moments and your company could become an "Award Winning company”…