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Leader of the pick

30 June 2015

Stewart Gosling of RDD, the manufacturer’s UK importers, explains how to unlock your picking operation’s potential.

A study of order picking has revealed that just 55% of your operatives’ time is actually spent working in the order picking area of the warehouse. 

With so little time available in this increasingly cost-intensive function, it’s important to get the most from your operation’s performance.

When it comes to productivity, one thing is true: your operator can only perform as well as a truck allows (and vice versa) which is why harmonious working is key. 

That is why, when developing the VELiA ES range of low level order pickers, our designers’ key aim was to deliver exceptional productivity through unrivalled ergonomics and driveability.  

In tests with industry leaders, VELiA was up to 20% more productive than its closest competitor. 

Intensive picking applications require complete and precise control. VELiA’s highly sophisticated, programmable controller, for example, allows for adjustment of acceleration, speed and braking settings to match perfectly with the needs of different operators and applications. 

This control is further enhanced by its advanced electric steering system which automatically reduces speed in curves and features automatic drive wheel centring so that operations stay safe and productive at all times. 

Recognising the productivity-raising benefits of operator comfort, VELiA offers a spacious, uncluttered walk-through cabin.

Featuring what is said to be the market’s biggest-ever platform, VELiA gives easy on/off access from both sides. With its very low step height (just 105mm), the risk of strain is significantly reduced.  

Delays between picks can soon add up, so to keep operations running quickly, its entire floor mat acts as a sensor – allowing the truck to move as soon as the operator is in place.  

Each of the six VELiA models features the award-winning ergonomically designed Maxius steering wheel. Comfortable and responsive, it brings all operating controls within easy reach of both hands. It’s fully adjustable and so easy-to-use that it can be operated using just one hand. 

Designed for low maintenance, VELiA’s design incorporates RapidAccess features – ensuring quick and easy entry to all areas for checks and maintenance.