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No need to send for the SAS… it's already built in

03 July 2015

People, product and process, the 3 Ps that Toyota Material Handling focus on to be the world’s number one material handling provider.

These three areas collaboratively allow Toyota to provide reliable and innovative solutions that improve productivity while retaining the safety of your operators and goods. 

There are many external influences that impact the safety of your operation. From operator training to the logistic workflow of your warehouse or operation, it is vitally important to make sure that you have all the correct people and processes in place. 

One prerequisite with your materials handling equipment from a simple hand pallet truck to a forklift is that it provides you with the reliability and productivity levels that will allow you to deliver to your customers but at the same time give you the peace of mind that it is safe for your operators and other people who work in the warehouse.

All Toyota counterbalance forklift trucks, electric and internal combustion, come with the patented system of active stability (SAS) built in. You may have heard of this active system before, but do you directly know what sets it apart from the competition. Here’s a jargon free crash (prevention) course;

SAS is an intelligent safety system that is made up of a number of sensors, actuators and a controller. Apart from the SAS logo (and without reading this article) you wouldn’t know that all this technology is built into the truck if it was sat stationary in front of you. However once you turn the key the system is keeping your operators, your goods and your operation safe. 

Swing lock cylinder – If the truck becomes unstable during a turn the cylinder automatically locks the rear axle to increase the truck’s stability footprint. This greatly reduces the risk of the truck tipping over sideways and reacts even faster than the most experienced operator. 

Speed reduction when cornering – If SAS senses that the turning speed is too high it automatically slows the truck down to keep the wheels and load in the correct position. This will keep both your operator and your goods safe.  

Mast front tilt angle control – SAS prevents both the load and truck from tipping dangerously forward. It monitors the load height, weight and mast position. If needed, it will automatically limit the mast angle to protect the driver and the load. This reduces the risk of injury and can have a positive effect on other hidden costs.

Mast rear tilt speed control – When loads are tilted back too quickly they can put the operator, the truck and the goods at risk. The speed control reduces the mast speed accordingly so that the load is moved securely and steadily into the right position and operations can continue. 

Fork levelling control – The forks on your truck can be levelled at the touch of a button. When loads are at height this allows the operator to work both safely and quickly at the same time, supporting the efficient movement of goods in your operation.

Active steering synchroniser – The steering synchroniser assists the operator by automatically aligning the steering wheel with the rear wheels. This means operators will always know which direction the truck will steer, improving safety and reducing the amount of time it takes to move goods.

Giving your operators the guarantee that they are supported in their day to day role not just by yourself but by the forklift truck they use removes any doubt and builds confidence they can do their job safely and efficiency. 

This additional confidence is standard on all Toyota counterbalance forklift trucks and is a product of years of experience in engineering and nearly 60 years developing the most robust and reliable forklift trucks including industrial engines, steel sides and a comfortable cabin. 

The Toyota Tonero engine counterbalance forklift truck range is available from 1.5 - 8.0 tonnes and the Toyota Traigo electric counterbalance range from 1.0 - 8.5 tonne.

For more information on SAS and the Toyota Material Handling counterbalance range visit www.toyota-forklifts.co.uk. You can also follow us on Linkedin at Toyota-material-handling-uk and on Twitter @ToyotaMH_UK