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Warehouse the source of China explosion that killed dozens

13 August 2015

A blast at a hazmat warehouse in Tianjin, China on Wednesday night killed at least 44 people with more than 400 injured.

Firefighting at the Tianjin explosion is reported to have been suspended due to lack of information on the nature of the dangerous goods stored at the container port.

Tianjin Dongjiang Port Rui Hai International Logistics Co owns the warehouse. The company's business includes the storage, transfer, distribution and customs declaration of dangerous chemicals. Freight volume through the company stands at one million tonnes each year.

The company's executives are being questioned by the Chinese authorities.

The warehouse district of the city has been devastated.

Peter Ward, CEO of UKWA said: "The recent explosions in Tianjin were shocking to witness. We look forward to the output of the various investigations to understand how this disaster happened, and key learnings being valuable to ensure that such a situation is not replicated in China or elsewhere. Health and Safety is something UKWA  takes very seriously and, while taking nothing for granted, the standards for storage of explosives in the UK, and crisis management protocols, are rigorous and laboriously controlled."