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You’ve got to be in it to win it

04 September 2015

Could your company be the next winner of the FLTA’s Safe Site Award?

The Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) is urging companies of every size and sector, across the UK, to follow the example of international beverage giant, Heineken, and nominate their achievements for the Association’s coveted Safe Site Award.

Though one of the newer categories of the Annual Awards for Excellence, the Safe Site Award, sponsored by Doosan Industrial Vehicle (UK), is already considered one of the industry’s most important accolades. The Award recognises those companies who have shown exemplary commitment to effecting positive change in workplace safety – implementing training initiatives, investing in safety features, etc. – and, this year, Heineken was highly commended for its exemplary dedication to promoting a safe work culture at its Hereford site.

FLTA chief executive Peter Harvey explains: "Last year’s Safe Site competition was so closely contested that all eight runners-up were awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ status. Among these merited finalists, Heineken had demonstrated an incredible commitment, to put safety at the heart of their operation.”

The company employs a holistic safety model that seeks to identify hazardous hotspots (be they physical areas of the site, or behaviours), and implement counter measures, which are then standardised. Such an approach requires the commitment of all staff: managers, fork lift operators, office workers, and also, crucially, contractors and visitors. Everyone on site takes responsibility for ensuring safety standards are maintained.

For example, in order to address the problem of excessive wear and tear on new fork lifts, a team of truck operators at the Heineken’s Hereford plant set up ‘The Perfect Fork Lift Experience’, an initiative which led to new maintenance and safety training techniques, a new training facility and the restoration of trucks to as-new condition. Management also encouraged operators to name their trucks, to promote additional care in their use and upkeep.

Shane Gardner, Heineken’s UK Safety & Environment Manager, explains: "At Heineken we put safety at the heart of everything we do. It’s not just rules and regulations; it’s sending the right messages in the right way, to make people think about safety. We’ve done lots of innovative campaigns to engage contractors and colleagues that involve posters, postcards, videos and competitions – activities that engage and stimulate people to think more clearly about the problem.

"Safety is in my job title, but it is in everyone’s job description.”

The Handling & Storage Solutions Safer Logistics Campaign

Handling & Storage Solutions continues the Safer Logistics campaign to promote health and safety awareness in logistics.

We were inspired to launch the campaign by the Health and Safety Executive encouraging all stakeholders to show leadership and ‘be part of the solution’.

It is vital to push home the message that poor health & safety practices have no place in the modern logistics world.

What you can do
Clear safety first principles are worth repeating.
- If you doubt the safety of a working practice, stop. Talk to your supervisor or manager and agree a safe way of proceeding. Don’t carry on and hope for the best.
- No matter who you are in the management structure or workforce, take responsibility for your safety, don’t assume someone else has taken care of it.



Peter Harvey continues: "This special category recognises the companies using, rather than supplying, forklift trucks. Safety in the workplace ultimately depends on the actions of those who manage and operate equipment – this award is for them.

"We encourage businesses to nominate themselves for the Safe Site Award, if they have introduced a significant new safety initiative during 2015. However, the deadline is fast approaching; all entries must be received by 30th September 2015, so enter now.”

Nominating your company is easy. Simply fill out Form 3 on the FLTA website, including a description of the safety initiative and its outcome. You can even include images and video to support your entry, if you have them.

Nominations for the FLTA Safe Site Award close at the end of Safetember, on Sept 30th. If you would like your business to be considered for the Award, submit your entry on the FLTA website now.