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Logistex enhances QUIZ’s warehouse operation

08 September 2015

Logistex have been tasked with installing a Warehouse Materials Handling Solution including their LWS Reflex warehouse management system for QUIZ’s warehouse operation based at Bellshill in Scotland.

QUIZ is a rapidly growing fashion retail group based in Glasgow, Scotland. Founded in 1993, the company began trading with 3 stores in Scotland. Since then QUIZ has grown to over 250 stores and concessions across the UK, as well as over 50 franchises across Europe and Asia. 

QUIZ hopes to continue to expand whilst constantly striving to meet customer requirements. In order to support their growing market presence and a 5-year growth plan, QUIZ recognises the need to enhance areas of their operation to increase throughput and operational capability. This is where Logistex comes in. 

As an experienced independent integrator, Logistex has the expertise and know-how to select the most suitable equipment and systems, ensuring they are compatible, cost effective and from suppliers who can be depended upon to back their products for years to come. The solution at QUIZ, which is set to Go-Live in October this year, will include a hanging garment system, belt/line feed conveyor and gravity systems, pallet racking, shelving and live storage systems. The fully integrated system will be controlled by Logistex’s LWS Reflex. 

LWS Reflex is a scalable and flexible system which allows the user to simply access the built in functionality as and when it is needed, from simple manual operations to a fully-fledged automated warehouse. LWS Reflex will provide QUIZ with comprehensive and flexible functionality to meet their current and future operational needs through use of RF and barcode technology. Using our sophisticated Host Interface, LWS Reflex will keep the QUIZ ERP system informed of any changes to the stock inventory in real time, ensuring customers are never disappointed by out of stock orders.

Complementing LWS Reflex, Analytex provides full operational warehouse data on screen in graphical, easy-to-read detail. Its many features provide users with outstanding levels of warehouse data control and management, delivering all the information needed for continuous improvements in service and productivity. Using Analytex, QUIZ will be able to create user generated reports and graphs to analyse how their operation is performing. Our dashboard functionality will also enable a helicopter view of the operation at a glance.

Sheraz Ramzan, business development director at QUIZ says: "We chose Logistex because they bring experience in delivering a complete solution for Warehouse Management Systems and Material Handling Solutions. Our rapid growth plans require a robust and flexible system that can improve efficiency whilst also allowing us to scale, Logistex were a clear choice."

Proven results

QUIZ  have a lot to look forward to as another recently integrated solution designed and installed by Logistex at the Superdrug NDC has seen astounding results. With eCommerce sales more than doubling year on year, Logistex was asked to design a solution capable of handling in excess of 60,000 orders per day. Following Go-Live, Superdrug have already seen a 48% increase in throughput (year to date) which has been fulfilled using 60% less operational cost.

Peter Appleyard, eCommerce Director for Superdrug, is thrilled with the results which have helped with the day to day running of the distribution centre immensely: "Knowing where we are at this moment, what the system can do and how we are progressing you can strategically look at what we can do to grow the business, rather than trying to solve or fix problems”. He goes on to say that "the new system has allowed me to look at specific growth areas, and what we need to do as an operation to support business objectives, rather than coming into work and thinking ‘how are we going to get through today?’”

The solution that has been put in place in response to the increase in online customer demand has seen the operation move away from slower paper based picking to a modern solution delivering higher pick rates, a better work environment and a more motivated team. 

Few companies can match Logistex’s longevity and experience in developing Warehouse Management Systems and other software specifically for the logistics industry for more than 30 years. Fewer still combine the freedom to source the most suitable equipment from the market with its own in-house software expertise to blend the various components into a holistic, integrated system.


See for yourself!

To receive a link to the video of Logistex’s automation of the Superdrug NDC, please email lauren.king@logistex.com