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Check out The Safer Site programme

28 September 2015

The Fork Lift Truck Association has put together a wealth of forklift safety knowledge and advice in supporting materials for its Safer Site programme.

The six step programme takes a company through the thought process needed to ensure forklift safety.

This is equally useful for those new to managing forklifts and those looking for a refresher.

The six steps are:

1 - Get informed

2 - Form a Task Force

3 - Identify Training Issues

4 - Identify Site Issues

5 - Identify Equipment Issues

6 - Identify Maintenance Issues

Forklift managers can sign up to the programme to keep abreast of useful information as it is updated.

The Good Hire Guide is one of the main handout documents for Step 5 in the FLTA’s Safer Site Programme, exploring equipment issues.

The aim of this guide is to provide a brief insight into the hiring of fork lift trucks, the options available and some of the pitfalls to look out for. 

Another handout document (all of which are available as free PDF downloads from the FLTA website) is the the Layman’s Guide to Fork Lift Trucks. This is an extensive introduction to the variety of forklifts available on the market.

These are just two examples of the wealth of material available to participants, who are supported with free fact sheets, check lists, safety resources, posters and reading lists, as well as signposts to the right places for further guidance and important safety advice.

Each check list of tasks is intended to be manageable and achievable for every fork lift company in the UK.

The programme is aimed at helping companies develop a responsible, open, non-blame focused culture and reducing accidents and deaths in our workplaces.