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New products shine at PPMA Show

07 October 2015

Two new products from Elesa, on display this year at the recent PPMA Show, deal with rotating shafts or clamping adjustment for conveying and other applications.

Pretty much every machine in the processing and packaging industries from bottling machines to conveyors makes extensive use of such standard machine components.

The Elesa DD52R-E is an electronic 6 digit display direct drive indicator with battery supply. Its inclined face with magnification ensures clear legibility, while its electronic operation permits great flexibility of set up and use, including programmable parameters, incremental or absolute measure mode, plus linear or angular measurement. The DD52R-E is available in IP65 and IP67 versions.

For industrial machines where cleanliness is a premium requirement the Elesa VTT three-lobe handwheel is designed in a single solid moulding without dirt trapping cavities and is suitable for drinks bottling or canning machines as well as dispensing or tableting. The VTT features a stainless steel boss or stud with modern design technopolymer handle to closely fit the hand – so enabling very good torque to be achieved.