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Inther Group, which has its headquarters in the Netherlands, provides best in class sustainable intralogistics solutions in distribution throughout the world. We are an experienced system integrator with the capabilities to handle all types of intralogistics projects. With our highly skilled team of professionals we are at the forefront of technological developments in materials handling. Our commitment and focus on continuous improvement enables us to deliver the most efficient and sustainable projects possible.


Inther Group has constantly been on the move since its foundation in 1998. Driven by a passion for data, Inther has developed its own modular and flexible Warehouse Execution System (Inther LC) with which it supplies and maintains systems for automating intralogistics processes. Over the years, the company has grown further and now supplies not only software but also the corresponding high-end hardware from its own production facility.


One of the high-end hardware products we have to offer is a unique plug & play method for our modular platform of integrated conveyor systems. Integrators can save a lot of time on installation and commissioning. Each module is built, wired, and tested in advance, making them very easy to install and at the same time, more cost effective. Not only is this an advantage for the integrator (lower costs), but also for the end customer (less disruption and faster implementation).


Unique plug & play method for conveyor systems

Venray, September 29, 2020, Inther Conveyor Equipment (part of Inther Group) has developed a unique plug & play method for their modular platform of integrated conveyor systems.

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