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Major food retailer invests in large system from AR Racking

09 November 2015

AR Racking, an integral supplier of industrial storage equipment, installed a new distribution centre in England for a major UK food retailer. This warehouse is one of the largest distribution centres in the United Kingdom.

Installed in the Milton Keynes area, it is 34,500 m2 and 11.5m high. The warehouse can store over 63,000 pallets.


The solution installed by AR Racking combines three storage systems that contribute to space maximisation, high storage density and efficiency of operations. It was designed based on highly demanding requirements by the customer. The new distribution centre includes Adjustable Pallet Racking, a Push Back loading system, and Live Storage, spanning the whole range of storage needs. It also has a chilled product area and a large safety cell.

The APR system is highly versatile as it accommodates different unit loads and all kinds of forklift trucks. Agile and immediate access to stored goods is provided.

The Push Back rack is ideal for medium stock rotation, since more than one pallet deep per level can be stored, loading and unloading being very quickly fulfilled from one aisle (LIFO).

Live Storage meets the needs of unit loads of the same type, and also good handling of stock rotation. With this compact structure, the load slides on slightly inclined rollers.

Key Points

Project facts:

• 34,500 m2 

• 11.5m high racking. 

• Can store over 63,000 pallets.

• Includes Adjustable Pallet Racking, 

• Includes a Push Back loading system, 

• Includes Live Storage

• Has a chilled product area and a large safety cell.

As a differentiator, the beams for the whole installation were customised with the corporate colour of the customer. Additionally, the installed systems were adjusted to meet stringent fire safety requirements.

Nigel Rudd, AR Racking's Key Account Manager for the UK, highlights the size of the installation, strict compliance with deadlines and specifications as the most relevant aspects of the job: "The whole team at AR Racking has shown excellent responsiveness for an installation that proved to be complex due to volume and high safety requirements.”

AR Racking is part of Grupo Arania, an industrial group with more than 75 years' experience processing steel and present in over 50 countries. The Group's focus on innovation can be clearly seen so far and is based on R&D activity carried out from its tech centre.