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Snapfulfil ready for 70% Peak uplift

19 November 2015

SaaS WMS provider Snapfulfil is expecting to handle a 70% uplift in transactions on its system in the run up to Christmas.

For one major customer alone, Snapfulfil will provide more than 100 additional licenses and RF devices and expects to handle in excess of 150,000 transactions per day. To accommodate this uplift, the company has invested in extra server capacity to maintain service levels and availability to all customers during the critical peak trading period.

This is Snapfulfil’s biggest peak yet – two years ago, it planned for a 30% uplift and last year experienced a 50% increase, reflecting its continued penetration in the retail sector. Snapfulfil also reports that Black Friday is driving a sharper increase in demand compared to the more gradual ramp-up previously associated with the lead in to Christmas.

Due to Snapfulfil’s SaaS model, customers can temporarily increase the number of software licenses and devices they use, for as long as they need them and revert back to their original agreement when activity levels return to normal. This provides a highly cost-effective and flexible warehouse management solution to support their peak trading periods.

Snapfulfil’s Technical Director, Andy White says:"As well as allowing our customers to flex their operations in line with activity levels, Snapfulfil is also extremely user-friendly which means that they can get temporary staff up and running on the system within minutes.

"We also offer the highest levels of resiliency and redundancy in both infrastructure and hardware as standard and have made a significant investment in increasing server capacity to accommodate increased activity levels. This provides our customers with a robust, failsafe warehouse management solution at a time when they simply can’t afford any downtime.”