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More productive working

11 January 2016

Retailer moves to three shift pattern with new battery system.

BG Varasto Oy, a subsidiary of retailer Broman Group, has invested in a new battery charging system for its vast warehouse that serves 55 retail outlets across Finland. The system comes from GNB Industrial Power, a division of Exide Technologies, and will allow the company to operate up to three shifts a day, without the need for additional investment in forklifts or charging rooms.

The new charging system consists of batteries, high-frequency chargers and battery replacement systems. BG Varasto believes the chargers will reduce power consumption by 15%, leading to improved energy efficiency and operating margins for the business. GNB also will provide advice and services in ventilation, electrical installation and fitting.

The system enables BG Varasto to use its forklifts more efficiently. Previously, the company left batteries inside the forklifts while charging, which restricted its ability to operate over multiple shifts in one day. This approach also meant that batteries had to be partially charged while workers took breaks, which shortened battery lifespan.

“When investing in the new system, we decided to change our procedures and now remove the batteries from the trucks when they need to be charged. This has reduced the costs of charging rooms and allows us to use all our trucks more efficiently,” said Petri Nietula, logistics manager at BG Varasto. “We use machinery to move the batteries, which reduces the risk of work accidents. The equipment enables us to replace both small and large batteries weighing up to a tonne.”

The 23,000m² logistics centre has 30km of shelf space and an additional 25,000 pallet spaces.