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Trinity Mirror invests in cranes for automated warehouse

21 January 2016

Japanese materials handling specialist Daifuku has been awarded a contract to supply warehouse cranes for the Trinity Mirror printing plant in Oldham.

The Trinity Mirror plant at Oldham is a highly automated facility and the existing warehouse technology has been in operation for over a quarter of a century. Despite the dramatic changes to on-line media during that period, Trinity Mirror has remained competitive and has taken the decision to invest in the future by awarding a contract to Daifuku for the supply of new warehouse stacker cranes to store the heavy paper reels until they are required at the presses for production.

The new Daifuku cranes, manufactured at the company’s extensive production facility in Japan, will be installed in 2016 by Daifuku UK’s project team. A major challenge of the project will be to make sure the printing presses do not stop while the old cranes are replaced with new. This will be achieved by replacing the cranes one at a time thus minimising the risk and disruption to Trinity Mirror.