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Rental options find a place

29 January 2016

Today’s market landscape is undoubtedly busy, but companies are still treading carefully through the minefield of the post-recession economy, says Aganto marketing manager Ruth Oxley.

From Aganto’s perspective, there is without doubt more confidence and longer term commitment in the economy, which is evident in the team taking more long term hire orders on our temporary industrial buildings.

Businesses are now taking seriously the concept of a structure that can provide fast, cost-effective additional storage on-site, that can last over 15 years but without the financial outlay and obligations of a traditional, permanent construction.

The increasing confidence in Aganto’s alternative building solution is demonstrated also by repeat business, with previous customers requiring more temporary structures for additional sites across the UK. 

With bespoke solutions, highest quality buildings, expert installation teams, professional aftercare, and a key partnership with a planning agency, the Aganto offering covers the full scope of what is needed to secure a temporary building.

There is still a sense of uncertainty in the air. The global market is precarious - just look at the UK’s steel industry with recent news of closures in South Wales and Sheffield due to the increasing might and supremacy of the eastern superpowers.

We know from speaking to our customers and from word on the ‘street’ that the trend is to hold on to cash and to re-invest in stock, hence the increase in rentals. Our buildings can be used for as long, or as little, as required - but committing to a three year rental on a temporary warehouse, for example, is much less risky than committing to huge capital outlay on a permanent structure.

Aganto’s attentiveness and awareness of market trends has always been a key strength. By launching the sub-division, Mini Warehouse Rental Company, the offering of smaller, off-the-peg, cheaper and purely rental warehouses, has reacted to industry need - and the eagerness of some SMEs to focus on hire options.

With global oil prices in reverse, the financial equilibrium of oil, stocks and shares is increasingly precarious - wavering delicately yet ready to plunge at any moment. Rentals are becoming an even more popular choice for businesses needing extra space for their development. Aganto’s commitment to customers means this risk is reduced greatly.

If you are unsure of how the ever-erratic economy will turn, have faith in us and our temporary structures and let us provide a solution to help your business increase space fast, without disruption to your operations and at a cost that is appropriate and flexible for your long term financial security.

Aganto, one of the UK’s leading temporary building specialists, is urging industry to ensure they are prepared for bad weather, with its range of temporary industrial buildings, structures and canopies.

Protecting goods in and out becomes one of the predominant reasons for enquiring at this time of year, and with Aganto’s rapid turnaround, a temporary structure will be installed within just days and ready for whatever the weather brings.

No long-term commitment, no disruption to your operations and more cost effective than a traditional building, Aganto’s temporary building types include:

Canopy Range: One of the most effective and affordable ways of keeping the wet off goods, materials and operations. Often used in goods in/out operations, our commercial canopies can easily accommodate double deck trailers.

Protect Range: A non-insulated temporary building that provides excellent protection for ambient storage or activities that don’t require a temperature controlled environment such as waste processing.

Insulate Range: Insulated range of buildings control temperature and minimise condensation making them ideal for storing more sensitive goods, working environments or public facilities.