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Leading warehouse modelling software updated

29 January 2016

Cirrus Logistics has released the CLASS 14, the latest version of its warehouse modelling and simulation application.

The software is described as the  tool of choice for warehouse solution designers and comes with a completely remastered Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a more modern look, new features and guides; making the tool even easier to use than ever before.  

The application builds on CLASS’ visualisation capability with features such as the new Sketch-Up model import function as well as adaptive light and shadow for more realistic high-definition 3D designs and easier to use 3D navigation. The result is a highly professional HD movie of the virtual warehouse showing automation and the manual processing of orders. The release coincides with the launch of How-to Project Guides, these help CLASS users through the step-by-step process of warehouse simulation projects, offering tips and tricks to get the best results.

With the latest version of CLASS, the team at Cirrus Logistics wanted to enable customers to take their virtual warehouses to the next level, maintaining the Cirrus Logistics ethos of ensuring the most complex of problems can be solved with the least amount of effort.

“We’ve worked with our customers to add new features which help meet the needs of today’s supply chain challenges,” says Simon Shore, managing director of Cirrus Logistics. “Following customer feedback, we looked at how we could further enhance CLASS and provide a tool that’s even easier to use, that helps our customers to see and explore exactly how their new operations will work before any physical or financial investment is made, saving time and money while ensuring the upmost efficiency.”

The software helps users create interactive visuals in the minimum amount of time, while ensuring designs are highly accurate and realistic. The new direct import of 3D objects from Sketch-Up, will speed up the creation of designs, by providing a bank of pre-built realistic objects and enabling extra personalisation to projects. In addition, CLASS customers can export their warehouse designs to other drawing applications such as AutoCAD. This allows users to collaborate with other project stakeholders, such as architects and building consultants.