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The world's favourite forklift just got better…

03 February 2016

Stewart Gosling of Red Diamond Distribution, UK importers for Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, explains how its class-leading GRENDiA EX counterbalance range just got better.

Tried, tested and trusted in the toughest applications, generations of lift truck owners have grown to love and depend on our GRENDiA EX 4.0 to 5.5 tonne counterbalance trucks.

And for good reason, too. They are built to work as hard as you do – delivering reliable, class-leading performance – whatever the challenge… And, they just got even better.

Costs less to run and run and run

At Mitsubishi, our designers recognise that even the best can be better. So in developing the latest generation of GRENDiA EX, they looked for ways to sharpen its efficiency: driving down running costs, while boosting your productivity.

Take fuel economy, for example. The previous GRENDiA EX generation was already class-leading in this area… but that simply wasn’t enough… 

In recent tests, our latest GRENDiA EX diesel counterbalance trucks were 33% per cent more fuel efficient than the previous generation, thanks to a new, powerful four-cylinder 3.4L stage IIIB compliant engine.

This intelligent engine may be small on consumption, but it’s big on power: delivering the power of a 5.0L engine. Because it has been optimised for high torque at low speed, it offers increased drawbar pull, better acceleration and the same ramp performance… for altogether higher productivity. 

Its robust, low-maintenance engine benefits from a rapid-response, compact turbocharger, which features a fast action turbine.

Our LPG models deliver that same precise, controlled and efficient performance, with very low emissions. A three-way catalytic converter – fitted as standard – dramatically reduces carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions, as well as dangerous NOx gases – protecting your workforce.

GRENDiA EX benefits from a fuel saver mode – as standard – which softens and smooths acceleration, while achieving the same top speeds. By switching into this mode, owners can see even greater fuel savings: it reduces fuel consumption by 14 per cent, while maintaining 95 per cent of overall productivity.  

Driving down maintenance costs

While GRENDiA’s sophisticated engines reduce fuel costs, these long-life, low maintenance designs drive down running costs and maintenance demands to a minimum – for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Our diesel counterbalances, for example, employ a unique, maintenance-free diesel particular filter which automatically burns off soot during operation… meaning there’s no need to put trucks on standby during burn off.

Every care has been taken to ensure GRENDiA EX is cost-effective. Service intervals are longer, and servicing is faster and cheaper. Brake wear is reduced by weight savings and even the steering geometry has been carefully optimised to minimise tyre wear.

For further savings on maintenance and repair, GRENDiA can be equipped with FlexControl. This optional protection package is available for trucks fitted with wet disc brakes. During short shuttles, FlexControl delays shifts from forward to reverse until the truck’s speed drops sufficiently, which reduces wear to tyres and transmission.

FlexControl’s automatic ‘hill hold’ feature makes work on ramps and slopes quicker, safer and more comfortable, which increases operator confidence. Further protection is offered by an auto-deceleration feature which reduces wear on brakes and an anti-wheelstart feature.

A reliable all-rounder

But GRENDiA’s market-leading running costs and clean performance are just two of this reliable all-rounder’s strengths.  

Like every GRENDiA truck, the EX is safe, stable and intuitive to drive. It’s high visibility overhead guard, for example, offers class-leading visibility through its bars, providing clear views of the mast even when fully extended.

Excellent manoeuvrability and high stability, even at speed are designed into every Mitsubishi truck. But, for extra reassurance, GRENDiA EX has been fitted with intelligent curve technology – as standard – to prevent dangerously fast cornering. Sensing the angle of a turn, the truck automatically and dynamically reduces speed early in the manoeuvre, ensuring maximum stability and accurate, positive cornering.

Operators will appreciate the unique way that the speed limiter – included in the electronic diesel control system as standard – enhances safety without compromising performance on ramps.

Simply put, GRENDiA EX is simply a well thought out truck: from top to bottom. It’s strong, reliable and cheap to run, too. It’s the world’s favourite forklift… and for good reason, too. And it just keeps on getting better and better…

To find out more about GRENDIA and the award-winning Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks range, and the services available from local dealers, call the Greenline 0845 371 3048, contact info@red-diamond.co.uk or visit www.mitsubishi-forklift.co.uk.