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Logistex identified in inspirational list

10 March 2016

The warehouse solutions firm was recognised in the third edition of London Stock Exchange’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain report.

The report is a celebration of the UK’s fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium sized businesses.

To be included in the list, companies needed to show consistent revenue growth over the last four years, and also significantly outperform their industry peers. On average, the 1,000 companies featured in the report have achieved a 50% average annual growth (2011 – 2015). As the UK economy moves beyond the financial crisis, every company featured in this report is proof of all that the UK has to offer.

Derek Kay, Business Development Director at Logistex says; “We are delighted to have been identified as one of the Companies to Inspire Britain in 2016. Everyone at Logistex has worked hard in the past 5 years to grow the business and our success has meant security for all our 250 employees across the UK. 

We’ve ensured this success through a combination of innovation and diversity of offering with our automated solutions and Warehouse Management Software and by focusing on our core skill of first class Customer Service through our Engineering Support Services. 

For others to think that Logistex can inspire Britain is a credit to our workforce who inspire each other every day with their enthusiasm and professionalism.”

More detail on the methodology can be found in the report online at www.1000companies.com.