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Providing efficient warehouse cost management

07 March 2016

It is almost impossible to overstress the importance of cost control in any business, but in the ultra competitive world of storage and logistics, effective cost management is a must, says Manbat Industrial.

As a result, alongside a competitive purchase price/lease agreement on its capital equipment, an on-going maintenance package is also paramount for the proactive business.

This is particularly important when it comes to forklifts and warehouse equipment, as whenever these vital items are inoperable, the business is subject to a reduction in its productivity and an increase in its costs. This is why specifying the most suitable battery for the equipment and matching it to the most appropriate charger and instituting the most robust charging/maintenance regime is so important.

It is therefore, not uncommon for the optimum battery/charger/maintenance combination to consist of products from different suppliers, so the most suitable package could feature batteries from one manufacturer, chargers from another and maintenance equipment from a third.

When it comes to charging technology, high frequency (HF) chargers such as those manufactured by SPE Elettronica Industriale and distributed by Manbat Industrial, are 30% more efficient than traditional Ferro-resonant 50Hz chargers, as well as being approximately half the size and weight.

This scale of energy-saving potential, especially when considering large forklift fleets, can easily offset the higher initial costs of HF chargers compared to traditional chargers, even during the first year of ownership. Therefore, due to the service life of the average forklift, customers will continue to save money in the long term, particularly when paired with high quality batteries.

Additional benefits include the fact that, unlike traditional 50Hz chargers, the charging process is not affected by fluctuations of the input voltage and for wet lead acid traction batteries, there’s less water consumption during recharging process, due by the low ripple output current. Therefore, the charger is not overheating the batteries, which is what can often happen with traditional chargers with a high pulsing output current.

For the GEL PZV batteries however, HF charging is the only applicable technology. As a result, every SPE charger is equipped with 8 different profiles, so they can be easily re programmed to charger WET, GEL or even AGM battery packs.

The SPE 3-Phase GREEN6 & GREEN8 HF chargers are designed to be robust, reliable and extremely easy to monitor being quipped with a data logging function and graphic display that provides all the information necessary to track the charging process.

Being modular in design, the chargers are also highly repairable, so in the unlikely event of a module failing, the charger can easily continue to work with the remaining, while the problem module can easily be replaced simply with a screwdriver.

As one of the country’s leading independent distributors of industrial batteries and related power storage equipment, Manbat Industrial is able to supply the most appropriate individual elements to ensure the suitability of the overall package. In addition, it has the largest number of service engineers and therefore is the only company to be able to provide a truly national service encompassing general battery advice, as well as sales and service support.