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Toyota hand pallet truck receives design award

29 March 2016

The BT Lifter L-series, the iconic hand pallet truck manufactured by Toyota Material Handling Europe, is labelled as iF Universal Design expert favourite 2016.

The award was handed over during the Munich Creative Business Week, where the BT Lifter was featured in the exhibition together with other recommended Universal Designs.

iF Universal Design has officially labelled the BT Lifter L-series as the expert favourite 2016. The BT Lifter was originally designed by the Swedish industrial designer Rune Monö in 1967. Throughout the years the iconic design has become the standard shape of the hand pallet truck. At present, the BT Lifter is built according to the Toyota Production System and has a unique lifetime guarantee of 99 years on the fork frame. Just last year, the BT Lifter has also been awarded the Japanese Good Design Long Life Design Award 2015.

The expert favourites were awarded by the Universal Design expert jury. The jury took a number of criteria into account to reach their verdict: a broad, flexible, simple and intuitive use; error tolerance and safety; marketability and market potential; feasibility and innovation; sustainability and environmental compatibility.

All entries were examined and tested by the judging experts during the Munich Creative Business Week in February. The event took place in the Oskar von Miller Forum, where all entries were on display to the public.