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Manbat Industrial and Fronius UK join forces

18 April 2016

Battery distributor Manbat Industrial and charging experts Fronius UK have forged a closer business relationship that aims to bring tremendous benefits to customers.

Both businesses already have a reputation for their dedication to consumer service and providing their customers with what they need, when they need it, which will only improve now that the two companies have established this closer bond.

As one of the country’s leading independent distributors of industrial batteries and related power storage equipment, Manbat Industrial – part of the ECOBAT Technologies Group – is able to supply its customers with the most appropriate individual elements to ensure the suitability of the overall power storage package. In addition, it has the largest number of service engineers and therefore is the only company to be able to provide a truly national service, encompassing general battery advice, as well as sales and service support.

Fronius is a well established manufacturing company with a hard earned reputation for quality engineered products for the charging, welding and solar energy sectors. When it comes to charging, the company offers a comprehensive range of battery chargers and charging systems for both the automotive and industrial markets, but it is for industrial and with the Selectiva range that the new relationship is founded.

“The Fronius brand is recognised across the power storage industry for its high quality, reliability and performance,” explains Manbat Industrial’s operations director, Derek Anderson. “In combining the very best in terms of equipment, with the very best in terms of battery advice, customer service and national coverage, we believe we provide businesses looking to achieve the most reliable power storage solution, the ultimate package.

“There are several factors that distinguish Selectiva chargers, but their ability to assess the condition of the battery when it is initially put on charge and then monitor the charging process to exercise the battery to elongate its life span, are particularly impressive.

“When the cost effectiveness of the battery/charger combination is such a major consideration, getting the very best out of the package is paramount and that is what the Selectiva range does so well.”

Another indication of the level of commitment both companies have made to this agreement, is the fact that all Manbat Industrial’s service engineers are qualified to service Fronius battery chargers, which means that in the unlikely event of a problem, a member of the team is always close at hand and the issue quickly remedied. 

In having these two reputable companies solidifying their business relationship, customers, both present and future, can be assured of the best possible control over their power storage overheads, which provides a huge advantage in today’s competitive environment.