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Powerful automated packing solution to launch at eDelivery 

26 April 2016

At the eDelivery Expo in Birmingham, Neopost Shipping will introduce its CVP-500 in the UK. The CVP-500 is said to do the work of up to 10 packing stations and can create a parcel every seven seconds.

Its fit-to-size packing automation creates the smallest parcel needed by reducing package volume and eliminating void fill, resulting in the lowest possible shipping costs. Once an order is picked, the CVP-500 builds, fills, folds and labels each parcel in one seamless process. Because each box is custom built around the item(s) inside, the system uses less packing material, saving up to 20% on corrugated and eliminating void fill

“The filling, packing and processing of high volumes of parcels is a labor-intensive process. Not anymore. The CVP-500 saves time, labor costs, working space and shipping supplies. It also reduces volume by creating the smallest parcel needed,” says Mark Aandeweg, Head of Global Sales & Operations. “As e-commerce continues to grow, the CVP-500 can give companies a true competitive advantage.” 

The CVP-500 has recently won three prestigious awards in Europe. The SITL Innovation Award in France and the Dutch Packaging Award in the Netherlands are the two most recent recognitions, on top of winning the Logistica Award in the Netherlands in November 2015.