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Productivity boost offered by new horizontal order pickers

02 June 2016

Jungheinrich has significantly upgraded its range of order pickers with the launch of the ‘series 3’.

The range consists of the ECE 310 horizontal order picker with lifting load section and the ECE 320 horizontal order picker equipped with scissor lift. Both can be optionally fitted with a lifting stand-on platform, giving Jungheinrich the most full featured, high-performance horizontal order pickers currently on the market.

“These new horizontal order pickers are designed for outstanding ergonomics and productivity,” says Jonathan Morris, director – corporate sales at Jungheinrich UK. “Both models have been created for picking especially fast moving goods. The lifting driver platform makes simultaneous driving, steering and lifting not only possible but also easy. They have outstanding driving dynamics and the highest level of productivity for order picking up to the second level of racking.”

Reducing back strain

Reducing back strain, the ECE 310 horizontal order picker is equipped with a lifting section that can raise payloads of one tonne up to a height of 750 mm, and for heavier loads the ECE 320 has a scissor lift which can raise payloads of two tonnes up to 750 mm. By lifting the pallet to the desired ergonomic height order picking is easier on the back, saves time and reduces overall exertion – boosting productivity.

With a fork length of 2.4 metres, the load section of the ECE 320 is substantially longer than that of the ECE 310, which has a fork length of 1.15 metres. 

An additional option consists of the sprung stand-on platform, with individually adjustable spring loading which reduces vibrations. 

Easy as steering a car

As is the case for all new-generation ECE vehicles, the ECE 310 and ECE 320 trucks are fitted with the Jungheinrich JetPilot steering wheel, which makes steering the vehicle similar to steering a car. The JetPilot is infinitely height-adjustable, with a button for raising and lowering the load section. 

To accommodate larger-sized batteries Jungheinrich also offers an XL battery compartment for all models for significantly increased operating times. To enhance vehicle safety, the models can also be fitted with an LED daylight option to illuminate dark working environments.

The new models are available with optional assistance systems like Curve Control, which automatically reduces the vehicle speed when cornering, dependent on the payload, and also allows the vehicle to be adapted to different application profiles using three different travel programmes.

For all vehicle models there are also optional equipment packages, for example Drive & Eco Plus, which is designed to guarantee high energy efficiency without reducing performance levels. “Drive Plus reduces energy consumption by around 14 percent at a 10 percent higher rate of throughput,” explains Morris. “And the ECO Plus package reduces energy consumption at the same high throughput rate by around 22 percent,” he concludes.

Lithium-ion battery system for reach trucks

Jungheinrich has introduced its first lithium-ion batteries in the 48 Volt range with 360 and 480 ampere hours. This means that the technology can now be applied to reach trucks and counterbalance forklifts, as well as smaller warehouse trucks.

Users benefit economically and ecologically from fast recharging times, zero maintenance and a long battery life, as the option of short interim charging times increases the availability of electric forklifts. This makes possible permanent fleet operation of up to 24 hours, seven days a week without requiring a battery change. With an interim charging time of 40 minutes the high-performance energy cells with 360 Ah take on 50 percent of their capacity. After 80 minutes the Jungheinrich li-ion battery with 360 Ah achieves its full charge. 

By eliminating the need to change the battery, the fleet operator is relieved not only of the expense of buying a second battery, but also of the cost of battery changing equipment, special charging stations and the time required to perform the battery change.

Jungheinrich lithium-ion technology has life expectancy of up to 3,000 full cycles and a considerably higher number of partial cycles. By way of comparison, the average life of lead-acid batteries constitutes 900 to 1,200 cycles.