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Nestable plastic pallets

03 June 2016

From retail distribution centres to shop floors and throughout return transit logistics, reusable nestable plastic pallets offer many significant space and cost saving opportunities, says Jim Hardisty, MD of Goplasticpallets.com.

Market conditions, trends and technology within the retail industry continuously evolve at such a pace that, in order for brands, distributors, store owners and wholesalers to remain competitive, they must continuously optimise their processes as they strive to become more efficient.
One of the simplest and most cost effective ways for retailers to maximise efficiency is for them to ensure that their premium commodity of valuable floor space is used effectively. Stacks of empty pallets occupy space which could be put to more efficient use. 
Nestable plastic pallets make a far more efficient use of space and can be nested into a neat stack of up to 50 high. They also offer a durable and hard-wearing logistics solution, allowing retailers to enjoy significant cost and space savings.
Many retailers and major European discount supermarkets are improving operational and logistics methods, whilst enjoying the major cost savings made possible by using nestable plastic pallets.
Sébastien Rombaut, logistics coordinator at Boulanger, one of France’s largest retailers of home electronics products and appliances, said: “By switching from wooden pallets to the reusable nestable plastic pallets, we’ve achieved a much better return on our investment and are generating savings of approximately €300,000 each year.”

Rather than use wooden pallets, which are often damaged when storing and transporting goods, retailers are saving money and time whilst maintaining a regular flow of goods from distribution centres to shop floors by using nestable plastic pallets.
Lower fuel bills can also be achieved due to the fact that 50 empty nestable plastic pallets can be safely nested in a single stack, meaning that a single trailer can hold 1300 nestable plastic pallets, thereby saving valuable room in transit and requiring fewer journeys to return the pallets to the warehouse.
At less than 10kg each, nestable plastic pallets weigh less than a wooden pallet, making them far easier to manually handle. Compared with wooden pallets, the lighter weight of nestable plastic pallets when carrying goods also contributes to increasing truck load capacity by up to 250kg per truck and if delivering heavy goods, using nestable pallets could save one in a hundred trucks.
Another point for consideration is also the fact that nestable plastic pallets offer a realistic alternative to using roll cages, since each roll cage takes up far more space on return journeys, costs £150 and weighs 40kg when empty.
For easy and safe handling without the risk of injury from splinters or loose nails, nestable plastic pallets are generally a recommended choice. For example, weighing in at just 5.5kg, the 1200mm (L) x 1000mm (W) x 130mm (H) sized Cabka-IPS CPP 110 PE nestable plastic pallet is half the weight than even the lightest wooden pallet and can be stacked up to 55 high.

One of our newest nestable retail pallets is the specialist SF 800 H Retail Pallet which offers multi-shop retailers and smaller shop chains considerable benefits over both wooden and paper pallets. This pallet’s unique kidney bean shaped feet create much smaller non-geometric voids on the top deck, which improves secure stacking of smaller boxes, and the rounded design assists the smooth entry of materials handling equipment. Although it weighs more than the Cabka-IPS CPP 110 PE at 10.7kg, it has been designed to bear loads of up to 2000kg and withstand the rigours of order picking and a closed loop retail environment, making it an ideal choice for retail companies looking to use stronger, returnable plastic pallets instead of wooden ones.
Another of our strongest lightweight retail pallets is the 1200mm x 800mm Cabka-IPS CPP 790 PE open deck nestable pallet that can be nested up to 60 high, weights just 4.5kg and offers excellent performance and price for multiple use.
Due to their durable nature, nestable plastic pallets can be reused in up to 50 trips. In fact, nestable plastic pallets prove to be profitable after eight to 10 rotations, quickly generating a good return on investment, which is why they are very popular amongst retailers and exporters.
For a free demonstration or to find out more about the many benefits of nestable plastic pallets, call +44 (0)1323 744057, email sales@goplasticpallets.com or browse the online catalogue at www.goplasticpallets.com.