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Hatteland unveils huge AutoStore demo at CeMAT

31 May 2016

Built around a 50 square metre grid and featuring six robots and two carousel ports, the live system will show visitors how AutoStore can store up to 400% more goods in the same space as a conventional warehouse.

The system is modular and can be scaled and optimised to meet the needs of existing storage requirements while providing a future-proofed platform for growth. Each system consists of five standardised modules – grid, robot, bin, workstation and controller – and each installation is tailored to suit the specific warehouse surroundings.

AutoStore’s grid-based structure optimises the use of available storage capacity by eliminating walking lanes, empty shelves and wasted space. Fast robots driving on the top of the grid access goods stored in the bins below. These are put-away, re-ordered, accessed and delivered to the workstation required, with the system self-optimising over time. Access to the inventory is guaranteed all the time as each port and robot work independently and can be serviced without shutting down the entire system.

Compatible with any warehouse management software (WMS), AutoStore can quickly access all inventory data with extreme precision and confidence – resulting in shipment accuracy close to 100% and picking rates multiplied several times per worker. As a fully automated, robot-based system AutoStore can help companies save energy by reducing lighting and heating requirements, while the fully closed environment in which the bins are unreachable from the outside world offers enhanced warehouse security.