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E-fulfillment robot debuts

06 June 2016

EiraTech, the Dublin-based developer of robotics solutions for the e-fulfilment sector, previewed the EiraBot 4 at the recent eDelivery.

The EiraBot requires no built infrastructure such as rails or conveyors to operate and plays a central role in EiraTech’s automated robotics ‘goods to person’ solution for e-fulfilment operations of all sizes. The new robot now boasts increased load bearing capability of up to 350kg, while improvements in speed performance of up to 14km/hour have also been achieved.

The EiraBot relies for guidance on labels placed at strategic locations on the warehouse floor, and the EiraTech robot management system, communicated to it via a supplied WiFi link. 

The firm is also touting a pay as a use payment model for its e-fulfillment solution.

“The EiraTech system is designed to make the very best use of valuable personnel by eliminating the 70% of their time currently wasted walking and searching, by bringing the good to them in sequence, at a picking station,” says Alexey Tabolkin, CEO at EiraTech. “Lack of any built infrastructure associated with the EiraBot means a much shorter deployment time for merchants and 3PLs, but also allows for ease of expansion, contraction, and/or moving if necessary as your needs change. In fact, our business model can build in the periods of peaks and troughs of activity that many online enterprise experience if required.”