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Make sure you're good to go

08 June 2016

A distributor of medical devices has revamped its goods processing, both inbound and outbound, with Cubiscan technology from EXDS, helping customers receive their packages on time and undamaged.

TalarMade has over 25 years of experience distributing to the National Health Service in England, private practices, and the general public. They also distribute internationally as needed. TalarMade’s core business consists of orthopedic braces and orthotic insoles.

Located in Chesterfield, the firm has 10,000 sq ft of warehouse space. On average, they ship 675 orders per week. These orders include TalarMade’s own orthopedic product line as well as many other product brands. TalarMade values their quality of service, large selection, and low prices.

In a rapidly changing industry, having master dimensioning data on all products allows TalarMade peace of mind; they can plan for the future and have the flexibility to adapt to any situation that may arise.

When efficient two-day shipping is the norm, distribution centres need to be ready for anything to keep their customers coming back for more. Collecting detailed product data manually takes up valuable resources and time. Utilising a dimensioning and weighing device saves time and money while increasing accuracy.

Integration with UPS key

Obtaining master product data will enable TalarMade to grow and change with the industry. Jeff Caig, warehouse and distribution manager of TalarMade, reported that in just one week, 2,378 products were scanned with the CubiScan 100. Vital product data was quickly and accurately obtained with minimal effort. The cubing system will help TalarMade improve shipping integration with UPS, implement a directed putaway system, and maintain a high level of accuracy in the warehouse and beyond. One of their main goals in collecting accurate cube and weight data is to promote shipping integration with UPS (where cube and weight data is required) and to allow the director of logistics to decrease outbound shipping costs.

Jeff adds: “Now inbound and outbound goods will be shipped with greater accuracy and speed.”

The master data will be stored in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Accurate data is crucial in providing valuable customer service—customers receive their packages on time and undamaged. This detailed product information gives the capability to manage a busy distribution centre with more exactness, it’s all possible with a cubing system. 

“Lacking accurate cube and weight data for our shipments presented a few challenges; our business is growing and I’m keen to ensure we have the master data in place which will allow us to plan and react with agility,” says Jeff.

He continues: “It’s hard to validate the long-term profit increases, but improved customer service is the ultimate aim and this is priceless to us. As we introduce new products into the warehouse (weighing and measuring without the CubiScan takes up large amounts of resources which could be better utilised elsewhere), so a revisit may be necessary in the future to maintain accurate data.”

CubiScan 100

This complete dimensioning and weighing device is designed to quickly measure packages with an accuracy of 0.1 inches. The CubiScan 100 is durable and able to withstand a warehouse environment. With an integrated display, the CubiScan 100 is easy to operate and setup. The CubiScan 100 provides the support to help distribution centres reach their full potential.

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