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Container for large loads

30 August 2016

UK independent supplier of plastic returnable transit packaging Goplasticpallets.com will launch the latest transport solution for the automotive and manufacturing industries, the extremely robust sleeve pack container CabCube 1210, at this year’s IMHX event on stand 11N40.

Designed and manufactured by supply chain packaging specialist CABKA-IPS, the new container is suitable for transporting large loads of components for just-in-time deliveries to production lines and warehouses and is able to deal with the logistical challenges specific to the automotive and manufacturing supply chains.

Comprising of three sections, including a moulded open or closed base, a collapsible sleeve and a lid for supreme strength, the CabCube 1210 also provides a reliable stacking capacity. Thanks to the accurate injection moulding manufacturing process, the containers’ robustness, precision and longevity absorbs rough handling and hard impacts, which is said to distinguish it from other products on the market that are normally manufactured by means of a reformed thermo forming process.

The CabCube 1210 base pallet is claimed to be so much stronger that it can even replace traditional “thick sided FLC’s”, which have so far been used in both the automotive and production industries at only 65% of the cost.