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Halfords awards inbound logistics contract

19 September 2016

Halfords has awarded Yusen Logistics responsibility for managing its inbound supply chain requirements to the UK extending its existing relationship.

Halfords’ inbound supply chain comprises over fifty unique origin sourcing points across eighteen countries, including China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Tunisia, the Philippines and USA.

Yusen Logistics is responsible for managing Halfords’ appointed sea and air freight partners, ensuring its 30,000 product lines are delivered to their UK DCs on time to meet sales demand.

As part of the new contract, Yusen Logistics carried out an analysis of Halfords’ existing inbound supply chain, identifying areas which could be streamlined, refined or revamped in line with Halfords’ evolving business needs.

Taking into account the complexities of Halfords’ global supply chain, the company’s expanding sourcing geographies and developing manufacturing trends, Yusen Logistics has worked collaboratively with Halfords to implement a tailored supply chain solution. The new solution, now in place, delivers enhanced visibility, and, going forward, will deliver improved inventory flows and automated communication and data handling processes.

As a result, supply chain and freight costs have been significantly reduced and improved visibility has led to greater control. Future deliverables will further enhance the solution, thus positively impacting the cost line as the contract progresses. One such initiative will save hundreds of man-hours by removing email communication and enabling real-time information reporting direct to the parties who require it. 

Pierce Carey, Halfords commented: “Yusen Logistics has really become part of the Halfords family since they began managing our supply chain. They are forging relationships with all parties involved within our global supply chain, both internal and external, adding value across the entire business and bringing greater structure to way we work and communicate. An excellent foundation has been established for future development and growth.”

Kevin Appleton, MD Yusen Logistics UK added: “We are delighted to be working with Halfords on this global solution at an exciting time in their development.”