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All-in-one measuring wheel solution

06 October 2016

SICK has developed the DBV50 Measuring Wheel for precision measurement of continuous and sheet fed materials in conveying applications, suitable for a wide range of industries from logistics to textiles, paper and card, and timber materials in an easy-mount, plug-and-play unit.

In a competitively-priced all-in-one unit, the DBV50 comprises a SICK encoder, measuring wheel and patented spring assembly for measuring the passage of a moving material to resolutions of better than 0.1mm. It can be integrated with printing, registration, cut-to-length and inspection systems and is easy to retrofit to existing production lines.  

Encoder technology specialists at SICK value-engineered the DBV50’s combination of wheel, encoder, arm and mount for a leading logistics integrator. The DBV50 has already undergone hundreds of hours of in-use trialling to ensure its robustness and performance. 

The key is the patented, spring-loading mechanism that adjusts the spring to the correct 15N tension for the degree of vertical travel every time. It can easily be reset for different material thicknesses. 

Darren Pratt, SICK UK’s encoder product manager explains: “Setting up an encoder mounted on a separate spring-loaded friction-wheel with the correct degree of vertical travel poses many difficulties for the plant engineer that the DBV50 now completely avoids.

“With separate components, selecting the right balance of encoder, spring and moving arm can be a matter of trial and error.  Then it can be difficult to achieve the right force on the wheel for non-slip contact; it’s all too easy to over-weight it so that the encoder bearing is overloaded and soon burns out.

“Over-tensioning of the spring to achieve down force, or poor arm travel adjustment, soon weakens the spring so it needs replacement. The DBV50 overcomes all that in a precision-engineered package.”

The SICK DBV50 is a compact measuring wheel system with 63.5mm centre distance and a 200mm circumference wheel. The encoder and wheel have a resolution of down to 0.08mm and, for convenience and ease in mounting, the encoder can be mounted in 300 steps, on both sides, with the wheel located top or bottom. 

The maximum spring travel is 14mm, with integrated limits to prevent over stretching, and the patented adjustable pre-tensioning mechanism ensures quick adjustment to the optimum 15N load/10mm travel. The measuring wheel system is available with a high number of electrical interface and electrical connection options, as well as resolutions for different applications.

Darren Pratt concludes: “The DBV50 Measuring Wheel costs about the same as typical off-the-shelf separate components, yet saves all the time of a trial and error set up, as well as being much more reliable in operation. All the mechanical variables are already taken care of and it’s easy to mount in a number of ways to suit the application.”