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Interroll Synchronous Drum Motor expands into servo drive applications

29 September 2016

The space-saving 80mm diameter high torque Synchronous Drum Motor is the most powerful, energy-efficient generation of drum motors ever developed by Interroll, enabling one drive system to suit all needs and speeds (0.01 m/s up to 4.5 m/s). Its capabilities now expand into applications previously reserved for servo-drive technology.

Easy-to-install, this is the most eco-friendly drive solution for belt conveyors in the areas of food processing, packaging, checkweighing, automotive, logistic and many more industrial applications. 

Unlike externally mounted geared motors with secondary transmission, the new Synchronous Drum Motor easily integrates within a conveyor due to its all-in-one design and compact size.

The planetary gearbox transfers 92-95% of the available electric motor power directly linear to the conveyor system, providing a total output efficiency of up to 82%. This means that the mechanical power loss in comparison to other drum motors or conventional motors with secondary transmission is dramatically reduced.

This energy saving drive solution offers excellent start-stop performance, optimum torque at all speeds, a maximum acceleration/braking performance and low operating drum temperature of approx  45° C, making them ideal for conveying temperature sensitive or perishable goods, whilst also reducing the risk of bacteria propagation. Manufactured with EHEDG approval, as well as FDA recognition and an IP69K protection rating, the Interroll Synchronous Drum motor requires zero maintenance and can be installed and operated in wet and high pressure wash down applications. 

Acceleration from zero to 100 percent can be achieved in milliseconds and when fitted with a servo drive and feedback system, this can be increased up to 151 m/s2 depending on the motor type and load. Intermittent movements on conveyor systems for pick and place, filling or cutting as well as discharge operations or automated check-in terminals can be significantly speeded up.

Precision control with frequency inverters for open or closed loop operation

When used with frequency inverters, the performance of conveyor belt systems can be substantially enhanced to provide a greater flexibility in respect of acceleration, deceleration, braking and soft start and stops. Easy-to-install and ready to operate immediately.

Whether conventional rubber, PVC or PU belts, plastic modular belts, steel wire belts, chain drives or timing belt applications, Interroll can offer the drive system to suit all applications.