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Safety champions

12 October 2016

A three man team from food manufacturer Moy Park has won the FLTA Safety Champion award.

The three winners: Mark Garner, Steve Cree and Simon Aldous, have worked together to raise fork truck safety awareness across Moy Park’s 14 sites.

Initiatives have included the creation of a company-wide fork lift driver of the year competition. The event, which sees operators compete across a variety of challenging practical and theoretical fork lift tasks, promotes not just technical skill, but the value of best safety practice too.

The winning team of Safety Champions also examined site layouts, ensuring truck operating areas were clearly signposted, and creating segregated viewing areas from which management, visitors, etc. can view operations without posing a hazard.

Association chief executive, Peter Harvey MBE, said: “While the Safety Champion award was originally intended to recognise a single individual, the Moy Park team’s sterling efforts to improve safety – across a number of sites in the UK and the wider continent – are clearly  worthy of this accolade.

“Such staff are the leaders and innovators making our workplaces safer places and we are pleased to give them the credit they deserve. In doing so, we hope they inspire others to instigate safety initiatives of their own.”

The award is sponsored by Briggs Equipment UK.