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Gondola Skate introduces new Rhino II fixture mobilisation system

24 October 2016

Rhino II reduces the cost and complexity associated with retail store and warehouse remodels, while also ensuring employee safety.

Gondola Skate, a leading manufacturer of fixture mobilisation systems for the retail and warehousing industries, launched its flagship product, Rhino II, to the UK market during the 2016 IMHX conference in Birmingham.

Designed to meet the needs of large retailers that frequently redesign store layouts, Rhino II enables customers to move gondolas and other freestanding fixtures easily and efficiently. In fact, the product can mobilise shelving units in 15 minutes or less with as little as four employees – without the need to demerchandise product.

Unlike traditional moving equipment, which is often quite heavy and burdensome, Rhino II utilises two core components in its design to maximise functionality. First, the patented rack connection system with high-load wheel bearings allows for a smooth transition over any finished surface. Second, the bulldog style, sidewind jack crank assembly enables the safe and smooth lifting of any fixture, minimising damage to the floor and injury to the user.

“As the pioneer and world leader in developing fixture mobilisation systems, Gondola Skate is committed to engineering innovative products that help to shape the retail industry and strives to meet future safety challenges and standards,” said Frank Charles Cozza, CEO, Gondola Skate. “Rhino II does just that and is set to revolutionise the way the industry thinks about fixture mobilisation. Already, Rhino II has helped B&Q save hundreds of thousands of pounds per remodelling project, so the potential for the UK market as a whole is tremendous.”