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DHL and Fujitsu partner on wearable technology

28 November 2016

Fujitsu and DHL Supply Chain UK are working together to develop new services based on wearable technology and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Fujitsu will share its industry and technology expertise to jointly develop solutions that improve safety for emergency services, while delivering operational efficiencies. Fujitsu and DHL also plan to use the partnership to drive the creation of entirely new markets in other sectors, such as airline logistics.

The move has grown out of an existing partnership on managed procurement services.

In what is claimed to be a first for the logistics industry, the DHL solution provides a personalised supply chain for emergency and other uniformed services, supported by Fujitsu’s eCommerce platform. This concept is said to reduce the cost of product and supply chain management, while facilitating innovation and delivering a user friendly, personalised experience for individuals.

The use of wearable and IoT technology such as Fujitsu Ubiquitousware will enable emergency services to track the well-being of individuals in the field, through a dashboard showing their status and location. This will help to ensure accurate and timely response in safety-critical or life-threatening situations, as well as providing real-time tracking for equipment.