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UniCarriers secures two nominations

27 January 2021

UniCarriers has been nominated in two categories for the International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) awards.

The newly developed high-level order picker EPH 125 with pick heights of up to 12.1 m has entered the Warehouse Trucks category. The Driver Presence Sensor (DPS), an ergonomic alternative to the dead man's switch for EP trucks, has also been selected for Special of the Year. 

The EPH 125 impressed the expert jury as a cost-effective picking solution for busy operations in high-bay warehouses. At up to 12 km/h, this order picker is fast, and economical on the move with high-performance battery featuring eco mode. This ensures that the vehicle's battery consumption is reduced noticeably. Work can thus be carried out efficiently, especially when you also take into account a 42% improvement in driving speed and a 68% faster lifting speed compared to its predecessor.

In the Special of the Year category the jurors award recognition to a special component or technical feature. The Driver Presence Sensor (DPS) covers the entire driver’s cab platform on the EPH and uses weight to detect whether an operator is on the vehicle. This safety check means that there is no need to actuate a pedal or lever to put the forklift into operation. The machine driver can sit in a comfortable position while working without needing to think about where the dead man's switch is located.

The IFOY awards will be presented on 9 May 2017 during transport logistic in Munich.