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Guidance on safe use of container lugs

01 March 2017

LEEA has co-produced practical guidance and advice on the safe use of container lugs, which are commonly used for connecting ISO shipping containers to lifting equipment.

The briefing document has been written in collaboration with ICHCA International, the leading representative body for the cargo handling industry, and is available to download free-of-charge from the LEEA website.

Container lugs are designed to fit in the top corner castings of ISO shipping containers, providing a means of connection for slings, shackles and lifting frames, for example. They therefore play a safety critical role during lifting operations and the new pamphlet covers vital issues such as the correct means of attaching lugs to the load and crane, appropriate storage and handling, and basic requirements for inspection, maintenance and thorough examination. An overview of documentation and product marking requirements is also included. 

A PDF version of the briefing pamphlet, titled LEEA – 066 General guidance on the safe use of container lifting lugs, can be found at: https://leeaint.com/uk/Guidance-Documents