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Drive tailored for carton and tote conveyors

06 April 2017

The Lenze m350 Smart Gear is a compact mechatronic drive package designed specifically for carton and tote conveyor systems.

Described as “technically the best solution for horizontal material handling systems", the Smart Gear provides compact dimensions with standard mountings, highest efficiency, ready availability and true value for money. Cost-savings result from simple wiring, smaller panel sizes and a zero maintenance requirement.

The m350 Smart Gear is available in three sizes with output torques of 25, 50 and 75 Nm suiting conveyor loads up to 350kg. With two levels, the standard model and a one with a holding brake, six versions cover a wide solution spectrum in horizontal material handling.

The m350 Smart Gear is a genuine integrated mechatronic solution consisting of a gearbox, motor, electronic drive and software. The gearbox is integrated into the motor giving smooth lines and highly compact dimensions. The situation is similar for the drive electronics and software, with which up to 5 motor speeds can be easily and precisely set with a user-friendly smartphone app and NFC contactless connection. Thus speeds from 42 to 216 r/min can be freely selected at the gearbox output, all with the same rated torque plus a 400% starting boost –  this makes the machine design easier as a single drive can handle a wide range of loads and speeds. The Lenze Smart Motor electronics are simply controlled with three digital inputs.

The standardisation allows fast delivery from pre-built stock, even with add-on options of torque arms, male output shafts and flanges. Mounting dimensions match the standards in the market allowing easy replacement of existing geared motors.

The new m350 mechatronic drive package is more energy-efficient than all other drives used today in horizontal material handling, reducing running costs. In addition, integrated soft start/stop ramps and brake control ensure that conveyed goods are transported smoothly and gently without jerks. In general terms, the m350 is a universal standard solution for worldwide implementation as no country-specific adaption is needed for mains voltages. Power cabling is faster and less costly as unshielded mains can be daisy-chained from one unit to the next, without individual connection to starters and fuses in the panel.