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Dematic unveils Egemin integration plan

13 March 2017

Both companies have been acquired by the KION Group in recent years, and Dematic says the integrated company will be the world’s largest AGV supplier.

The integration, which is targeted for completion by the end of calendar year 2017, will also enhance Dematic’s system integration capability in Europe. The resulting combination of technologies, talent and experience will provide customers enhanced warehouse automation and AGV solutions.

In the first of two major integration moves, Dematic will be creating a “Mobile Automation Center of Excellence (COE)” which will combine the Dematic, Egemin Automation, and NDC (recent Dematic technology acquisition in Australia) AGV products into one global group. The COE will also include Egemin’s in-floor chain conveyor (E’tow) offerings.

The Mobile Automation COE will be headquartered in Holland, Michigan (US), current home of Egemin North American operations, under the leadership of Tom Kaminski, former CEO of Egemin NA. Other COE locations will include the Egemin Automation offices in Zwijndrecht, Belgium, Germany (Bremen), France (Heillecourt), and the Netherlands (Gorinchem) plus the Dematic offices in China (Shanghai) and Australia (Belrose).

Jeff Moss, Dematic International CEO, stated: “As a member of the KION Group, Dematic and Egemin Automation will leverage KION’s leading market position and continued investment in forklift technology to offer an unprecedented level of expertise, technology and world-class manufacturing to customers. By combining three great brands, the Dematic Mobile Automation business is now effectively the world’s leading provider of innovative AGV and warehouse technologies that will optimise the supply chain.” Moss continued, “Together, we offer the marketplace a unique combination of automation and industrial software solutions that will maximise employee efficiency and minimise customer investment.”

In the second integration move, Egemin’s warehouse automation activities (E’wds) will continue to be located in Zwijndrecht, Belgium and will be integrated into the Dematic Central Europe organisation, reporting to Barbara Wladarz, Managing Director, Central Europe. The Benelux team will continue to serve all European regions in the design and delivery of warehouse and distribution solutions. The enhanced offerings will provide focused vertical market solutions including pallet warehouse systems and standard convey and sort solutions addressing the diversified requirements for markets, such as food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, distribution & logistics, production and manufacturing. The joint Dematic and Egemin warehouse automation solution portfolio will combine the technology experience and talent of both companies to provide maximum value to existing and new customers.

“Current customers of Egemin Automation will benefit as this new and empowered organisation will leverage the strengths of Dematic to offer even more comprehensive solutions and support,” stated Jan Vercammen, MD of the Egemin Group. He continued: “Our solution portfolio has grown exponentially and our global customer service network cannot be matched – all direct benefits to our customers and our customers’ customer.”

Moving forward, Jan Vercammen will serve as Vice President, Business Development, Dematic International. He will be responsible for business development activities and identifying and facilitating best practices throughout the Dematic International regions of Europe, China, and ANZA.

Forming the KION Group’s Supply Chain Solutions Segment, Dematic and Egemin Automation together with KION’s Industrial Trucks & Services Segment are able to offer a unique end-to-end intralogistics solutions to customers from forklifts to AGVs to high-end warehouse automation. With the new structure, the group will also increase its innovative strengths by combining its resources in R&D to provide even better solutions to its customers’ fast changing material handling needs.