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Chargers designed for use with lithium-ion batteries

10 April 2017

Fronius has developed a series of battery charging systems for the forklift truck manufacturer Linde Material Handling that are specially designed for use with lithium-ion batteries. 

Users can purchase the new devices as part of a complete system, which also consists of one of five Linde forklift truck models with a Li-ion battery. With lithium-ion technology, fleet operators benefit from a higher energy density and efficiency level compared to lead batteries and they can carry out opportunity charging at any time. This extends deployment times and makes the forklift trucks less dependent on the energy supply.

The Fronius battery charging systems are available in the 9kW and 18kW power categories – the appropriate category depends on the capacity of the battery used. Linde offers five different counterbalance trucks with load capacities of between 1.4 and 1.8 tonnes, equipped with lithium-ion batteries from 13.1 to 45.7 kWh.

The charging time can be reduced to as little as 50 minutes, depending on the strength of the charger and the size of the battery – for lead-acid batteries, this is normally between seven and eight hours. Furthermore, opportunity charging is possible at any time without damaging the battery. For forklift truck operators, this means significant time savings and increased availability of the fleet.

The forklift, battery and battery charging system form a closed system with CAN bus communication. Numerous parameters, such as the temperature and state of charge of the battery, and the remaining driving time, are monitored and shown on the driver’s display. The constant communication between the battery and forklift truck ensures reliable adherence to critical safety limits. For instance, if the charge rate falls below a defined value, the performance requirements of the vehicle are constantly adapted to the remaining power of the battery. This prevents the deep discharge of the battery and any resulting damage.

The Fronius devices facilitate especially energy-efficient charging and with compact dimensions, they can be installed without taking up much space.

Linde guarantees the user 2,500 full charging cycles and a remaining residual capacity of at least 80 percent.