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Sports retailer to build automated warehouse with Swisslog

04 April 2017

Swisslog has entered into an agreement with Sportamore – the leading Nordic online sports retailer – to supply an automated warehouse solution. 

In order to secure continued rapid and profitable growth, Sportamore has taken out a lease on a new modern warehouse and logistics centre, around 70 miles west of Stockholm. Sportamore’s exponential growth is creating an increased complexity as a result of both a greater number of customers and an ever wider and deeper product range.

“The new logistics centre will give us substantial capacity to expand, as well as creating opportunities for lower handling costs and increased efficiency, delivery quality and scalability in our logistics,” explains Sportamore’s logistics director Jonas Kolehmainen.

The new logistics centre is 23,000 square metres and will be operational during the summer of 2017. Swisslog’s undertaking includes supplying an automated handling solution that consists of an AutoStore solution, conveyor system, work stations for picking, packing and receiving, as well as Swisslog’s WMS.

“Swisslog was the supplier capable of combining an effective storage and robot solution in the form of AutoStore with an autonomous pick and pack function. A combination and a solution that we feel gives us the best of both worlds as well as flexibility to manage our future growth,” says Jonas Kolehmainen.

Cyclone solution

Long time Swisslog customer and organic food supplier - Alnatura - is also nearing the competition of the latest stage of its intralogistics development.
As revealed by Handling & Storage Solutions last year, Alnatura is implementing
the innovative and highly dynamic CycloneCarrier warehouse shuttle system from Swisslog. This will allow the company to supply its expanding store network with low-volume personal care items from one central location in a way that is both environmentally sound and shortens transport routes. 

The centrepiece of the solution is a two-
aisle shuttle warehouse with 19 levels each. On each level in each aisle, a rail-bound shuttle vehicle (CycloneCarrier) performs high-speed storage and retrieval operations. The workstations and the storage system
are connected via continuously operating conveyors. Repacking stations installed at the receiving end are used to receive goods and fill them in storage bins. After repacking, the bins are put away in the light goods storage system. All storage bins are part of a closed circuit. This means that each bin will return to receiving once it is completely empty. Multi-order picking stations installed at the shipping end are used to pick orders into store-specifc bins, which are then palletised and transported to their destination. The shipping bins are also part of a circuit. After delivery, the store bins are transported back to the distribution centre and return to the workstations. 

In the first phase, the high-speed shuttle warehouse will have a capacity of 13,480 bin locations. If needed, there is enough space to expand the storage capacity at a later time by installing another rack unit with additional shuttle vehicles as well as picking, repacking and shipping bin stations.