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High speed door for intensive indoor applications

10 April 2017

Efaflex has released the EFA-SRT MTL high speed door, which has been designed for intensive logistics applications. At a glance it offers 250,000 cycles per annum, sizes up to 300mm x 300mmm and can be used as an access obstacle or access prevention door.

Darren Turrell, MD, Efaflex UK says: “We already had an extensive range of high-speed door options, each with their unique and specific features to help reduce energy costs, improve productivity and safe guard employees. The introduction of MTL, which stands for Material, Transport, and Logistics, really focuses on the specific needs for commercial and industrial applications particularly within the materials handling sector. The MTL is particularly suitable for confined, closed spaces which aren’t exposed to wind or weather.”

EFA-SRT MTL joins the range of roll-up doors within the Efaflex family and offers a large number of applications, equipment and combination options. It can be used as either an access obstacle (FTO–with the movement of people) or as an access prevention (FTM – without movement of people).

In the former, the access is made more difficult by use of the high-speed door but not prevented as movement of people is excluded during regular operation and access permissible only once machinery has been switched off. In the latter where movement of personnel is not permitted, the MTL door is equipped with the relevant gear unit failure protection. Combined modules can be varied to form the optimum solution for professional material flow, perfect transport and efficient logistics.

A comprehensive range of drive types are available which include shaft-mounted with gear unit failure protection, chain drive, and shaft –mounted drive with bevel spur gearbox. As with all product selections, Efaflex provide a no obligation site visit to fully understand the specific needs of the door application.

Turrell adds: “As with all of the Efaflex product range, the meticulous precision German engineering is faultless. Every attention to detail has been considered during the design and testing phase of this product to ensure that it achieves our expected exacting standards.”