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Demand grows for ATEX forklift safety audits

07 April 2017

Safety company Pyroban has reported a significant growth in the UK in 2016 for annual safety audits (Ex-ASAs) carried out on explosion protected lift trucks. The company says that users of “ATEX” forklifts have driven demand, not the equipment dealers.

“Converting a forklift so that it is ATEX compliant ensures a truck has the safety of explosion protection at first use,” Pyroban's Darren Boiling said. “Whether it remains safe depends on many factors.”  

Extreme wear and tear, late or incorrect maintenance and other factors such as high impact operations may compromise an explosion protection safety system over the life of the equipment.

“Following service schedules and using both trained engineers and the correct parts are essential steps to prevent a truck from becoming an ignition source during its lifetime,” Darren said. “However, an inspection of the safety system by competent engineers every year is critical.”

In many countries, legislation dictates that any type of forklift must undergo a Thorough Examination, an inspection that is focused on the lift truck itself. This is usually controlled and initiated by the forklift supplier as part of a contract.  

Pyroban’s Ex-ASA (Ex Annual Safety Audit) ensures that the integrity and safety of the materials handling equipment is not compromised during its working lifetime. The inspection can be carried out at any location by one of Pyroban’s specialist engineers and works in unison with the service support offered by forklift truck suppliers.