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Reflex for safety

07 April 2017

Quality and safety are central aspects of what we do at Toyota Material Handling, so when we recently launched three new additions to our reach truck series it wasn’t surprising to find that Toyota had pushed to make the trucks even safer.

Naturally, the new BT Reflex high performance trucks excel in productivity and visibility thanks to an innovative design and an optional transparent roof; these features make up what we refer to as ‘true vision’ which is one of several advanced safety benefits engineered into these trucks.

We believe that one of the most critical components on a truck is the operator. A comfortable working position is less tiring and operators that aren’t tired make fewer errors – which is something that all parties want! To that end, we’ve made the cabin on these trucks something that is ergonomically designed around the operator with easy to use mini-joystick controls and a car pedal style layout. The seating position is adjustable together with the steering wheel and even the floor height can be altered – making the cab a perfect individual fit.

When working safely with a reach truck, visibility of the load and its position at all heights is obviously a critical concern. So, to help give the operator the best possible visibility, we introduced a number of optional features. These include a transparent roof which gives a clear view of the forks, a fork position laser which provides a very clear indication of fork position and on our BT Reflex E-series, a world exclusive in the form of a tilting cab that reduces the risk of strain for the driver in repetitive high-level applications. On top of this, all of the models feature a clear-view mast, giving the operator the best possible view. Down on the ground, the cabs have been designed to give the operator maximum visibility in the working area, making for a safer working environment.

As well as keeping the operator comfortable and safe, we’ve also worked to ensure that we help to protect the load and warehouse infrastructure by making the trucks easy to position and work with. This is done through features like automatic 0-tilt which will automatically return the forks to level and a transitional lift control that ensures maximum load handling speeds can be maintained in operation thanks to shock-free lifting and lowering. Each truck has progressive 360° steering and 180° steering is an option on most models. All of the Toyota Reach Trucks in the BT Reflex range can also benefit from I_Site, Toyota’s powerful fleet management system. For fleets of one truck to a hundred or more, I_Site provides critical real time safety information and features. Whether it’s notification of shock impacts, monitoring of operator performance, maintenance information or controlling access to trucks I_Site can play a critical safety role in any organisation.

The quality of design inherent in these trucks was recently recognised with the award of an international design prize. The BT Reflex O-series won an iF design award in recognition of  its design excellence. The O-series is particularly versatile as it incorporates features that safely allow both indoor and outdoor operation including increased ground clearance and super-elastic tyres meaning it can handle outdoor surfaces, including gradients and transitions. Optionally, all weather protection can be added including additional windows or fully enclosed cabs.

At Toyota Material Handling, we see quality and safety as being inextricably linked. Therefore, like all Toyota trucks, the BT Reflex reach trucks are built according to the Toyota Production System, assuring the highest levels of quality, durability and reliability. This outstanding reliability gives operator’s confidence in their trucks and their ability to work productively and crucially, safely. Here at Toyota we are proud to play our part in driving material handling safety.