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WTG event to host dynamic storage solutions from Interroll

08 May 2017

Interroll will be exhibiting the latest innovative technology in dynamic storage for pallet live, carton live buffer and order picking, with informative live demonstrations at Warehouse Technology Group Live on Wednesday 14 June.

Dynamic storage offers maximum flexibility and efficiencies to store fast turnover stock, with accurate FIFO (First-In-First-Out) or LIFO (Last-In-First-Out) flow of products.

Interroll Pallet Roller Flow optimises on available storage space and features the magnetic speed controller. This significantly reduces the risk of damaging goods conveyed on gravity roller conveyor sections and is maintenance free, easy to install and highly efficient. 

Energy-efficient flow storage roller and wheel modules are compatible with racking systems worldwide and provide ideal picking solutions that can be combined with conveyors, automatic stacker cranes and paperless “Pick to Light” system.

Interroll says: “These decisive advantages offer many tangible benefits that result in a quick return on investment and are proven in many storage applications and distribution centres, including ambient, chilled and cold store environments down to -28 deg C.”

Interroll will also present its new generation of carton flow conveyor modules that gives a robust, manufacturer-independent, flexible flow storage solution. The Interroll Carton Wheel Flow bed has been designed in an ergonomic way to allow highest picking rates and a fast return on investment.